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Please note that only 2 and 3 persons canoes are allowed on this section of the river
Please note that only 1 and 2 persons kayaks are allowed on this section of the river.
However, Stand Up Paddling boards (single-person SUPs) are regarded ad 1 person kayaks.
Only 2 or 3 person canoes, 1 or 2 person kayaks and single person SUPS are allowed on the Tørring - Klostermølle section of the river Gudenå. However, on Naldal Sø and Versbirk Sø you are also allowed to use a rowboat.

Do you want to navigate a vessel NOT listed above (e.g. timber rafts), you ALWAYS need a permit!

Please contact the local municipality in order to obtain the permits . Please allow at least 8 weeks processing time.

Information about the person responsible for the navigation

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Please state if the person responsible for the navigation owns all of the vessels used for the navigation.

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