Why collect data (legal basis)?

Data is collected due to a requirement for registration of vessels in the legislation "Order on non-commercial navigation on the River Gudenå” (here after “the Navigation Order”).
The Navigation Order states that non-motorized vessels on the river stretch from Tørring to Klostermølle, must carry a guest number if the vessel/navigation is not covered by other articles of the Order.
You can use this website to find information about navigation and registration on the Tørring-Klostermølle stretch of the river without providing personal information as the website does not automatically collect personal data. However, if you wish to navigate the river from Tørring to Klostermølle you must provide information about yourself (personal data) and information about the navigation (read more below). Registration happens via the this website.


Why charge for guest registration (legal basis)?

A fee will be charged for registration according to article 15 of the Navigation Order. The fee is charged via the Quickpay payment gateway. The payment page is encrypted.


What is the purpose of collecting and processing personal data?

The purpose of collecting personal data about you via this website is to be able to assign a guest registration of your non-motorized vessel. The purpose is also described in the application process.


Processing and protecting your personal data

If you wish to acquire a guest registration for your non-motorized vessel, you will be asked to provide personal data. The website  collects the personal data that you provide voluntarily when you wish to acquire a guest registration for your non-motorized vessel for navigation from Tørring to Klostermølle. All data collected is classified as non-sensitive data.

The website applies a variety of technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against unauthorised access or modification, loss, misleading and other abuse. Employees and data processers are bound by confidentiality regarding the information processed through the website.

All municipalities along the River Gudenå have a Data Protection Officer (DPO), who you can contact in case of questions about your rights under the General Data Protecting Regulation.

It is the duty of the Data Protection Officer to ensure that the municipality complies with the General Data Protection Regulation. The Data Protection Officer is impartial, and the officer do not refer to the administration. The Officer assists with the counsel of the municipality with advice and guidance in the fields of lawful and secure processing of personal data. You can read more about the role of the Data Protection Officer here: https://www.datatilsynet.dk/forside/

Data Protection Officers (DPO’s) in the Gudenå municipalities Randers, Viborg, Favrskov, Silkeborg, Skanderborg, Horsens samt Hedensted municipalities:

Randers Municipality: please contact Lone Karina Jensen. Phone: + 45 51 56 28 00. E-mail: lone.karina.jensen@randers.dk

Viborg Municipality: please contact Christian Aabo. Phone: +45 87 87 41 55. E-mail: caa@viborg.dk

Favrskov Municipality: please contact Pia Pehrsson. Phone: + 45 89 64 60 95. E-mail: dbr@favrskov.dk

Silkeborg Municipality: please contact Mette Mejlsted Lundsgaard. Phone: + 45 25 47 55 48. E-mail: dpo@silkeborg.dk

Skanderborg Municipality: please contact Bech-Bruun Advokatpartnerselskab. Phone: + 45 72 27 30 02. E-mail: dpo.skanderborg@bechbruun.com

Horsens Municipality: please contact Ida Neermark Thomsen. Phone: + 45 76 29 42 26. E-mail: databeskyttelsesraadgiver@horsens.dk

Hedensted Municipality: please contact Line Wichmann Ketelsen. Phone: + 45 79 75 55 59. E-mail: dbr@hedensted.dk


Which data is collected?

The applicant provides information regarding name, address, postal code and telephone number. The website does not collect information about the CPR number. Email address is optional information.
Information about the expected starting point and start time for the navigation is also provided.
Some information is a prerequisite for acquiring a guest registration (name, address, postal code phone number), while other information (e-mail address) is optional. The e-mail address only serves to service you so that you can receive the guest registration for later printing.


Where and for how long is data stored? And how do I access my data and change / delete my personal data?

Data from registered non-motorised vessels are stored in a database for 5 years. By contacting the Gudenå Committee (makla@silkeborg.dk) you can request to have your personal data deleted or made unavailable for future use - free of charge.


What are the principles of collecting and processing my personal data?

The following principles are used when collecting and processing your personal data:

• You can make decisions about the data collected about you. All data collected is classified as non-sensitive.
• Your personal data is processed in accordance with the current General Data Protection Regulation and its accompanying security order regardless of why the data is collection or where it is stored.
• This website ensures that your personal data is not changed to something incorrect, becomes available to unauthorised persons, or otherwise misused.
• This website only collects the necessary personal data about you in order to process registration of your non-motorized vessel.
• This website does not use collected information for purposes other than those disclosed at the collection.
• You are, free of charge, entitled to information about the personal data that are processed about you.
• You can always request that this website deletes or makes your personal data unavailable for future use.
• This website automatically deletes your personal data within five years of the registrations expiration.